Misc Unsigned Bands – Mikhail John Gaviola - My Only One tab

this is the chords of My Only One. 
by Mikhail John Gaviola

My only one

Intro: B-E-B-E (2x)

B- F#-E

When the first time I saw you
My heart is so confused
I can’t understand, this feelings for you
Each night and day, you’re always stuck in my mind.

Refrain: (same as intro)
And now you came into my life.
My lonely days are gone oh girl
Oh, your charming smile and lovely eyes
Tells me that, that I really love you

Chorus: B-F#-E
You are the one, who made the sun shine on me
The only one who made my life complete
The most beautiful girl that I’ve been searching for
Coz you are the one, the one that I’ll love forever.

Verse II (same as chorus)
I search for the word each day to tell you
How much you mean to me
And I hope that it’s not too late
To show you how I feel for you
And how I cherish you girl (refrain) (Chorus)

I promise I’ll be here forever
For good times and bad times
Even If it takes all my life (Chorus) 2x
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