Misc Unsigned Bands – Ryshauna Burton - Just Watching tab

intro: Em D A 2x

Em                  D                   A
When you're looking back on the past, that's when you realize.
Em                   D
You wish you had me.
Em                 D 
At least I was a dream.


Em           D                   A
You're just watching me walk by without asking me to dance.
Em            D                  A
Does your heart even hurt yet?
Em            D                   A
I just don't know what to say when you're just watching all your dreams

solo  Em D A

Em               D          A
I know just what you're thinking.
Em            D            A
She's done got herself a record deal.
Oh yeah.
Em               D              A
You're totally mad at me aren't you?
Em       D           A
Well at least I know...


solo  Em D A 2x

Em     D      A
You know that I'm just a dream.
Em       D                     A
Just admitt that you were wrong and I was right.

chorus 2x

solo  Em D A 2x
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