Misc Unsigned Bands - Elliott Murphy - Oh Wyoming tab

Oh Wyoming  Elliott Murphy
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D F She said I get outta work about quarter past five G D You can pick me up you can gimme a ride D F Meet me on the corner where nobody can see G D I got a husband who loves me but he don't like me D F Take me for a drink at the Medicine Bow G D I got a pair of new boots that I'm dying to show D F Pop in a cassette - head out for Rock Springs G D Richard Ford wrote a book - you believe that thing D F G Bb D F G Bb A O Wyoming O Wyoming D F You can take me out for dinner if you got it in ya G D There's a truck stop I love Little America D F When the traffic thins out we'll hit the high desert air G D Pull over to the side you won't believe you're anywhere D F If you got the balls you can strip off your clothes G D Roll in the bauxite like an Eskimo D F G Eskimo no that wasn't right D I meant like some Indian whose not afraid to turn white D F G Bb D F G Bb A O Wyoming O Wyoming D F Promise me by Salt Lake we can turn around G D Too much religion for me in that town D F Lotta people go south spend the weekend in Denver G D Come back with a bumper sticker right on their fender D F Born in Cheyenne under the Capitol dome G G I got an air stream trailer that I call home D F I wear a lot of makeup and I got two cats G D That husband of mine never know where I'm at D F G Bb D F G Bb A O Wyoming O Wyoming D F Now if you were the one I'd say screw em all G D Can you spare me one of your ol' Pall Malls? D F The store opens at nine and I gotta be there G D Can I borrow your rearview to comb my hair? D F If you need a shirt you know where to come G D Around Rodeo time it ain't a lotta fun D F The tourists ride around shooting fake six shooters G D And the city cowgirls with their pushed up hooters D F G Bb D F G Bb A O Wyoming O Wyoming D F What I'd really like to do is do nothing at all G D Watch the Price is Right and old Lucille Ball D F Six o'clock news I go and fix me a drink G D Starving babies make my heart starts to sink D F Bosnia and Somalia that's a long way long way off G D I know a girl in Jackson Hole who died of a cough D F I knew you was wild when you walked in the door G D And dancing the two step all over the floor D F G Bb D F G Bb A O Wyoming O Wyoming D F Now I like a man who dances nothing wrong with that G D And long as he's not wearing no cowboy hat D F My husband and I we got an agreement G D If he don't catch me he don't throw me on the cement D F Believe it or not I get so tired of talking G D I better stop smoking or I won't stop hawking D D Come on save your money for when you in bad luck G D Here's my number - now keep it handy in your truck D F G Bb D F G Bb A O Wyoming O Wyoming
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