Misc Unsigned Bands – Chris Christian - From The Start tab

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Song Title: 	From The Start
Artist: 	Chris Christian
Album Title: 	Mirror Of Your Heart
Transcribed by: Geoffrey B Oblimar


F Gm C e------1-3-5-|-----1-3-5-|-----3-5-6-|-----0-1-3-|B----1-------|---1-------|---3-------|---1-------|G--2---------|-2---------|-3---------|-0---------|D------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|A------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|E------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
Verse 1: F You are my heaven All is forgiven Gm I'm in love with You C You put together my life forever F I will live for You I was in pieces Gm Wrinkled crisis until You came C Now I live only F Gm-C Simply to worship Your name Chorus: F I've waited so long But I saw I was wrong Gm In not loving You C It took me some years And some pain and some tears F Gm-C But You pulled me through F I've waited so long But I see You belong Gm Deep down in my heart C And I wonder why I didn't love You F From the start Interlude: F-Gm-C Verse 2: F I was confused then Lost in the world Gm One that was spinnin' 'round C You stopped the spinning Gave me a beginning F On a solid ground F Now there's a purpose Life's not a circus Gm Since I found You Lord C I'm Yours forever Take me and never let me F Gm-C Leave Your word Bridge: Dm Gm C Now it's all so very clear F Why I'm even standing here? Dm Gm G Everything's in black and white Bb C Since I saw Your light Repeat Chorus Any comments/corrections? e-mail me: gboblimar@yahoo.com
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