Misc Unsigned Bands - San Lloyd - Hey Ya tab

Hey everybody, I heard this song on Scrubs last week and I love the way Sam Lloyd played
 This is as close as I could get to the way he played it considering if you watch him
the show I don't think hes actually playing it.  He's playing lefty with a righty guitar 
the show so you do the math.

*Standard Tuning
*All picking and strumming is light

Picking: E A B C#mE|-----------------|----------------------------|------------------------|B|-----------------|----0h2--2222----0h2--2222--|------------------------|G|------4--4----4--|----2----2222----2----2222--|--------6666-6----6666--|D|---2--2-----2----|----2----2222----2----2222--|----22--6666-4h6--6666--|A|-----------------|--0-0----0000--0-0----0000--|--2-22--4444-4----4666--|E|-----------------|----------------------------|------------------------|
Strumming: E A B C#mE|------------|-----------------|-------------------|B|------------|----22222222222--|-------------------|G|----444444--|----22222222222--|--------666666666--|D|--2-222222--|----22222222222--|----22--644444444--|A|------------|--0-00000000000--|--2-22--444444444--|E|------------|-----------------|-------------------|
Just mix the two together to get a good sound. This is played basically for the whole song.
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