Misc Unsigned Bands – Joe Wright - Say Goodbye tab

Hi I'm Joe Wright a new artist. This song is either electric (clean) or acoustic. Hope 
like it.



Chorus x4 Am Fmaj7 C G Verse 2 (whilst playing the Intro/Verse Rift): Chorus x4 Bridge: Bm D A E x4 Bm D x3 Chorus x8 To These Lyrics Verse 1: You used to call me up on Saturdays I used to come to your house on Friday nights People used to say we were perfect absolutly perfect Don't need no-one to screw that mith up I tried my best to keep it together I tried my best to help Nothing you can say can penetreate me Nothing I can do is right We did nothing together I was gonna introduce you to Sigur Ros Just the last thing I'm gonna say to you Is just say goodbye Chorus1 x4: Just say goodbye Verse 2: I don't need I just, I just don't need you no more I don't need you now Just leave please just leave me now I don't want you to know who I am Can't get, I, I just can't get get it outta my head Can't you, can't you just, can't you just get lose can't you just leave me I just want one more thing before you go And Thats to say goodbye Chorus1 x4 Bridge: Just waiting for the deadline When You and me, you and I, we can get together I'm just waiting for the deadline I don't want to say goodbye You know it You know we can't You think you know Chorus2 x8: You think we can't Just say goodbye The End There It is hope you liked it.
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