Misc Unsigned Bands - Jess Szalek - Velvet Crush chords

capo 5th

intro: Am, C, G

Am C GIf you saw me the way that I feel now
Am C GI can't remember when I ever felt quite this bad
Am C GEverything turns on you all at once
Am C GI can't seem to put myself into words
Am C GI want to make you understand exactly how I feel
Am C Grejection fell when I wanted more
Am Em F GBut it's draining on me again
AmI want to be here
FI want to be yours
C GI want to be happy and secure
AmI want to be safe
FI want to be calm
C GI want to be anywhere that's in you arms
(repeat verse chords) Let go for me, I'd wait so long for you I know that sounds love infested and ridiculous but does she make you want to smile? I count down the days till you come back to work A velvet crush on home and leaving time creeps up again If you knew what you got yourself then (2nd chorus) I want to be free I want to be strong A love that gets better as it comes I want to be there I want you to care when all I have to give is that laughing stare
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