Misc Unsigned Bands - Eric Owyoung - 5 chords

by Eric Owyoung

capo 1st fret

Intro: CDCDCDEm   

C D CHear your words, hear your voice
D CLike the sound of rushing waters through my soul
D EmIn the company of mystery
C D CI am lost, I am found
D CIn the whirlwind of my mind to comprehend
D All the vastness of your beauty, Lord so
G D/F# G/B C GPlease, tell me, in this holy fear that You are near me
D/F# Em C GIn silence I will know that You will hear me Lord
C D CHere I fall, at your feet
D CAnd my heart will lift its cries to be relieved
D EmOf the things that keep me from You Lord
C D CMy soul knows that one day
D CWhen this body and this mind have perished then
DI will join in Heaven’s songs until then…
CCLI #61103
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