Misc Unsigned Bands - Jos Van Herreweghe - Again chords

Again by Jos Van Herreweghe

Strophe 1:

Am F C GEvery minute I recall her name
Am F C GEvery hour I still feel the pain
Am F C GEvery day without you, is the same
Am F C GAgain...
Am F C GAgain, I'm going to miss you
Am F C GWhy did I go away
Am F C GAgain, we aren't with two
Am F C GIs this the price I need to pay
Am F C GAgain…
Strophe 2: I haven't seen her for a while I can't remember that perfect smile I want to see her walking style Again... Chorus Strophe 3: I can't follow my own way Mine follows yours some day I'd have much to say To You...
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