Misc Unsigned Bands - Yuma House - Write Off Summer chords

This is just the chords and lyrics to a GREAT song as best as I can tell from 
memory.  I'll edit if I find any errors and omissions.  

Write Off Summer


A - C - G - D (think you could sub an Em for the G to add variety)

When you write it's irrelevant what the words on the page mean

A                                         G                     C - D

What you write isn't permanent, like the scar on your left knee

A                                          G                    C - D

I'm trying not to fall behind but I can't read between the lines

A                                     C                      D

I'm not blind, just a little bit dumb, but it's you I'm not hearing

A                                               Em           G

Chorus:   Will you write (repeat) like you did last summer.

            A                               G              C - D

          Will you write (repeat), write off summer

            A                        G                      C - D

When you write in the past tense about the cream in your coffee

A                                           G                    C - D

A future perfect is evident in the leaves of your green tea

A                                      G                     C - D

I'm thinking about the time when you wrote down a cryptic line on a card

A                                       C                   D        A

It's a little bit hard to pretend I'm not hearing

                            Em             G


Bridge:  Come up and feel the sun, come up and be the one

           A                         C                D  

Will you write (repeat) write off summer

A                       G                  C - D   - end on A   

(I need to go back and confirm the Bridge and Ending - this is from memory)
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