Misc Unsigned Bands - The Pillars - Falling For You tab

D, A, G, A x2

(D, A, G, A)
The day we first met we were sat in the sun
I looked into your eyes, I could see youíre the one
Every time I see you I cant help but smile
All the things you do i cant stop loving you

Em		           F
I donít care what they say
G			      A
Just want to be with you all day

D				A
When ever Iím next to you, you take my breath away
G				A
Youíre the only one who could save my day
D				A
I want to hold you in my arms, and be there when you cry
G					A
Cheer you up when you are down and make sure youíre alright
D			A
Donít know what to do, when I ainít with you
G				A(Ring)
Canít get you out my mind and I mightÖ.be im falling for you


I miss you when we are apart
Not being near you breaks my heart
I love the way you laugh and the way you show you care
I love the way you smile and the way youíre always there

I knew from the start
That nothing can pull us apart

Bridgy bit

Bm	E
Then one summers day    I tell you how I feel
G			A
you didnít know what to say, didnít know if it was real
Bm			E
but from that day you have stuck by my side
G			E
i couldnt believe my luck even if I tried

Solo(Chords are same as chorus)e|--------------5-------5-------5--------------------------------------------|B|--------------5-------5-------5--------------------------------------------|G|----5-7--7b==----7b==----7b==----7br-5------5-h7--7b--7b//14---------------|D|--7-------------------------------------h7---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro Chorus Intro Chorus + Key change
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