Misc Unsigned Bands - Josh Pratt - Savior And King chords

Hey guys. This is how Josh does it himself.
              Savior and king

Capo 3Intro riffE-------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------|D-----------------------3-2-----------|A ------------3----55-------3-2-0-----|E --------00---5-----3----------------|Verse 1
Em God and savior
C King of kings,
G Lord of lords, and
Am Prince of peace.
C He’s all loving
G Savior and King,
Am Em He made me from the dust.
Verse 2
Em He’s our creator
C Resurrector ,
G A king of mountains,
Am A loving Father.
Chorus Bridge
C The lamb that was slain,
G To take away my sins.
Em Am Em Be with me again Lord Jesus
C G Em Am Em
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