Misc Unsigned Bands - Kids Of The Future - Life chords


Life is about, freindship.

Life is about, love.

Life is about, so many things.

Life is about, all of the above.


G C G We waste our time to figure things out.
G C GBut wasting our time is not what life's about.
G C GWe have to belive and find our selves.
F--------------------G 'Cause the only thing thats missin'
G G F F E E D DIs life.
G G F F E E D DIs life.
G C GBe yourself.
G C F F#And don't give up.
G C GAnd be sure to share love.
F------------------------GJust like the turtle doves.
(Chorus) (Drum solo) (Intro) (My band made thias song so you wont find it on iTunes untill we publish it.) ENJOY
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