Misc Unsigned Bands - Jake Hartley - Walkin tab

   Right...another one of my songs.It's not that bad to say i'm 13. If you wanna add me 
msn then ...   jakeh667@hotmail.com   ... or email me if any queries.    play it at 90 

e|------------------------------3--3-3-----3---3-------------------------| b|-------8--8-8-----8---8~~~----2--2-2-----2---2------8--8-8-----8---8~~~| g|-------7--7-7-----7---7~~~----2--2-2-----2---2------7--7-8-----7---7~~~| d|-------6--6-6-----6---6~~~--------------------------6--6-6-----6---6~~~| a|-------7--7-7-----7---7~~~-0~~~0~~~~~~0~~~~0~~------7--7-7-----7---7~~~| e|----0~~~0~~~~~~0~~~~0~~~~0---------------------3-0~~~0~~~~~~0~~~~0~~~~~| ^ Bend and pull off to open.
Basically it...i just started writing words for it but i can't be bothered putting them on here because it's hard to get them in the right place :O The words are about someone walking...obviously :S
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