Misc Unsigned Bands - Chris Christian - King Of Dreams tab

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Song Title: 	King Of Dreams
Artist: 	Chris Christian
Album Title: 	Mirror Of Your Heart
Transcribed by: Geoffrey B Oblimar

Intro: Fe|-1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1-|-1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1-|B|------------------------------|------------------------------|G|------------------------------|------------------------------|D|------------------------------|------------------------------|A|------------------------------|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|------------------------------| | Guitar 1 (played in keys at the record)
| (let ring...) (let ring...) e|------------------------------|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|------------------------------|G|-5brbrbrbr--------------------|----5brbrbrbr-----------------|D|------------------------------|------------------------------|A|------------------------------|-3----------------------------|E|------------------------------|------------------------------| Guitar 2
Verse 1: F Okay, have it your way, FM7 It's only fair to warn you Dm Eb Bb I don't know how to live this way, F Gm But I'll be there to try Eb Bb F 'Cause I believe You'd rather die than hurt me Bb-F Dm Am I gave You almost everything, Dm C Bb Am-Gm-C But kept what really mattered to me Chorus: F I need You, King of dreams, Bb F since you've got it all Dm Am Bb All I ask is that You show me F Bb F How to live without them Bb F Gm - C Show me how to live with only You Verse 2: F Somewhere deep in my heart FM7 I'm saying yes to You Dm Eb Bb Please let that yes be multiplied F Gm 'Cause that's all I can give Eb Bb F And You know I couldn't give you more, Bb F Dm Am Jesus come and hold me tight Dm C Bb Am Gm-C I'm so tired of holding phantoms in the night Chorus: I crown You, King of dreams Now You've got it all All I ask is that You show me How to live without them Show me how to live with only You Bridge: Dm Dm/C# Dm/C Dm/B Am I really giving it now, Dm/Bb Dm/A C Or will I ever give it all C# Eb Say You'll take it all, C D And tell me now You're Chorus: G King of dreams, Bb G Now You got it all Em Bm C All I ask is that you show me G C G How to live without them C G Am-D Show me how to live with only You Chorus: 'Cause You are, King of dreams Now You've got it all All I ask is that You show me How to live without them Show me how to live with only You Outro: (for Guitar 1 play the Chorus twice in the key of G)
e|-sl/17---15-14---------------------|B|---------------15-17-16~-17-16-15~-|G|-----------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------| Guitar 2
(volume fades out.............)e|-17br-17-15--15-19br-17-19br-17--|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Legend: b - bend r - release sl/ - slide ~ - vibrato ________________________________________________________ Any comments/ suggestion? e-mail me: gboblimar@yahoo.com
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