Misc Unsigned Bands - Helgas Fun Castle - Mr Fancypants tab

Song : Mr. Fancypants
Band : Helga's Fun Castle
Album : Thank You, Come Again.


b = bend
s = slide
p = pull-off
h  hammer-on


Intro Riff (IR) :

Verse Riff (VR) :
Outro Riff (OR) :
Gm7 |-Bb-| |---C---| F-------------| F*e-----3-----1--6-----3--0--8------1-----x-------|B-----3-----3--6-----5--1--8------1-----x-------|G-----3-----3--7-----5--0--9------2-----10------|D-----3-----3--8-----5--2--10-----3-----x-------|A-----5-----1--8-----3--3--10-----3-----8-------|E-----3-----1--6-----3--0--8------1-----x-------|
SONG : IR is played 4 times and then verse starts. VERSE 1 : (Play with Verse Riff) VR Mr. Fancypants drivin' in your car. VR Life just made a blessed turn, you're gettin' very far. VR Mr. Fancypants does it hurt your mind? VR Gettin' way too big for you, it happens all the time. CHORUS : Gm7 Bb C Lend.... me.... hand Gm7 Bb F Mr. Fan.... cy..... pants Gm7 Bb C Lend.... me.... hand Gm7 Bb F Mr. Fan.... cy..... pants IR is played twice VERSE 2 : VR Mr. Fancypants you time is almost over VR The rising of the little ones is heading for your tower VR Mr. Fancypants turn up in your tower VR Legions of adoring fans have taken all the power CHORUS : Gm7 Bb C Lend.... me.... hand Gm7 Bb F Mr. Fan.... cy..... pants Gm7 Bb C Lend.... me.... hand Gm7 Bb F Mr. Fan.... cy..... pants SOLO : The Solo is played over the intro riff and chorus chords. IR is played 4 times and after chorus chords twice. As to what the solo is, meet me and I'll show you. I really don't have the patience to out the whole damn thing. Its a fully improvistaional solo anyway with a few musical spaced throughout. After the solo, keep playing F* while the drummer shows off. Then the OR is played 4 times. Chorus 4 times End with OR.
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