Misc Unsigned Bands - Possibility - Tiffany Alvord chords

this song is from Tiffany Alvord, an youtube-star.
patting is easy to find (youtube.com/tiffanyalvord)

Standart tuning.


D BmI look at you, you look at me
G AI look away, so you can't see
DI'm dreamin of you
Bm G AAnd you don't even know, you don't even know
D BmThat I'm fallin madly in love
G AWith you, with you
D BmAnd I wish that you were going
G ACrazy for me too...
D BmYou show some signs, but I'm not sure
G AIts a secret love, and your the cure
DI just need to know
Bm G AWhat you think about me, about me
Bm G DDon't you think that maybe you and me
ACould be a possibility
Bm G DI just wish that baby you could see, you could see
A Bm G D AThat you, and me, could be, a possibility
Bm G D AYou and me, we could be, only if you'd see
Refrain I look at you, you look at me I look away, so you can't see I'm dreamin of you And you don't even know You don't even know ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so, hope you like it. and I own nothing. hope you like it too, tiffany. :)
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