Misc Unsigned Bands - Brittany Flickinger - Get A Hold Of Yourself tab

 I am only 13 years old and I tried searching for Britt Flick tabs but I couldnt find 
so I decided to be the first one to make. ( by the way this is my first tab ) I'm sorry If 
not perfect.
 here's the song if you want to hear it:
just try to copy paste

intro\verse: (kinda already the same tabs used for the other parts of the song, just 
your own style to make it sound better for the other parts and there is a part in the verse 
you'll have to palm mute and slide)

guitar solo:
|--8~~5~~~12-13-12h13-10~~~~-|X2 |-13h12-8-||----------------------------| |---------||----------------------------| |---------||----------------------------| |---------||----------------------------| |---------||----------------------------| |---------|
I guess that's it. remember just create your own style of playing the tabs for the other of the song. :)
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