Misc Unsigned Bands - Adam Cousens - Running Over Rooftops chords

Title song of his album.
It's pretty much all played in bar chords except the E.
no capo
standard tuning

If you've never heard of the artist, he's an amazing singer/guitarist from Tasmania, Australia.

hear the song here: http://www.myspace.com/adamcousens

E	G# 	Cm	Cm7
A	Cm	F#m

E G# Cm Cm7Mmmmmm mmmmmmmm
A Cm F#m BMmmm oh oh ooohh oh oh ohhh
(Verse 1)
E G#Running over rooftops, Up above the city
Cm Cm7 ADeep into the darkness, Streets below look pretty
F#mFor you and me
E G#Jumping over buildings Im a superhero
Cm Cm7 AExploring all the places That people never go
F#m BNo no No no no no
E G# Cm Cm7Its just the way I be its my beautiful reality
A CmRunning, jumping, tripping, stumbling
F#mLoving you and praying through
E G# So get up go ‘n’ get it
Cm You don’t know what you’ve got
Cm7 ATill you’ve lost it all and then you’ll see
Cm F#ma lovely, melody
Bif you and me can be yeah yeah
(verse 2 – same chords) play guitar of hours underneath the moonlight sitting on mountain stars shining so brightly for you and me spirit moving deeply breeze blowing sweetly trees gently sway my heart is praying for you and me yeah for you and me yeah yeah yeaahh Chorus (Bridge)
C#m C#m7Some people say hey what ya doing
A F#mNo money’s coming in So you must be losing
C#m C#m7 BChasing after some kinda musical love
C#m C#m7Well I just smile and to them I say
A F#mAre you doing something that you love every day
C#m C#m7 BCos if you’re not the minutes the moments are fading away yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah Chrous (x2)
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