Misc Unsigned Bands - The Crazy Boyz - Crash And And Crazy Boyz chords

song:crash and crazy boyz
band:The Crazy Boyz
single:the number 1's (2009)
words and music: roy/remy

intro: E|C|Am  x4

Em C A Gm D in cortex castle it's very dark. and evil is everywhere
Em C A Gm Dthey're making mutants from animals, you can go there if you dare.
E|C|Am x3
E C Amneo started working at eleven
E C Amthat was his favorite time to start
E C Amit looked like hell but baby not heaven
E C Am the place is a maniacs piece of art
Dm7 G7 A7 D B7when brio came in with a bandicoot, neo wanted him so
Dm7 G7 A7 Dbut when the evolvo ray was gonna shoot, the bandicoot went out the
B7window... it was a
E Acrash and crazy boyz
D Cwanted to kick ass but they couldnt stand the noise
E A G E|C|Amcrash and crazy boyz have never done a mission
E|C|Am x2
E C Amcrash met aku and crazy boyz
E C Amthey were gonna help him on his way
E C Am with very much training
E C Am and now cortex is gonna pay... so that
E Acrash and crazy boyz
D Cwanted to kick ass and now they got no choice
E Acrash and crazy boyz
G E|C|Amare doing now a mission
E|C|Am x5
E Acrash and crazy boyz
D Chave kicked some ass and now they hear my voice
E A crash and crazy boyz
G Em|A7|C|Ghave finally done a mission
Em A7 C G(somethimg in backwards)
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