Misc Unsigned Bands - Spoonboy - My Generation chords

My Generation- Spoonboy

C    C E7 Am     Am F C    C E7 Am     Am F C

C E7 Am F Cwell the authorities called me up, and said "you may well end up in prison,"
E7 Am Fi said "i may well, but you know i'll run away before then."
C E7 Am F Cthey said "you know we'll catch you," i said, "nah, you wouldn't know where to start,
E7 Am F Cyou may well put me in prison, but you won't ever touch my heart."
C E7 Am F C E7 Am F C my heart, my heart, my heart, my heaart, my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart.
C C E7 Am Am F C C E7 Am Am F C
C E7 Am Fthey say that kids my age think that they're invincible,
C E7 Am Fwell that seems foolish, but i still know i'll never die,
C E7 Am F Cand it seems to be invincible all you've got to do is stay alive,
E7 Am Fand i can do that on my own terms, stay out the conversation,
[intro twice more] [on this next part your strum the 1st C and let it ring and then hit it again so it stops]
C Cbecause your laws mean shit to me,
C Cthey're just arbirtrary guidelines of absolutist ideology,
C Cand it seems to me when you're the ones out killing in the streets,
C C C C E7 Amyou've got no right to tell me what to do if i wanna be free.
Am F C C E7 Ambecause i'm not your property.
Am F Cnah, i belong to me.
C E7 Am Fthey say my generation don't stand up for what we believe in,
C E7 Am F Ci think it's all cuz we've been told just what to do right from the start,
E7 Am Fdon't break the guidelines given, believe in television,
C E7 Am F Cwell we still know what we believe when it comes pouring out our hearts.
[("our hearts") over intro twice to end]
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