Misc Unsigned Bands - Kansas City Green - Telluride chords

"Kansas City Green" by Telluride Band
Chords provided by: echipman06

***CAPO 1***  

Tuning: Standard
Skill Level: Beginner
Intro: G, C, Em, C
Verses: G, D, Em, C
Chorus: G, Am, Em, C, D


**Verse 1**

G D Em C It was purely by chance, Nothing more than a passing glance
Am G CBut it was enough to feel a lifetime of wonder
Am Em G CAnd I was just standing there, Caught up in her emerald stare
Am G CThe Kansas City sun sank down behind her
____________________________________________________________ **Pre-Chorus**
Am Em I've seen the Smokey Mountain Forest, changin' color in the fall
Am G C DRight up until then, You know I thought I'd seen it all
______________________________________________________________ **Chorus**
G Am Em C I've seen a sunrise climbin' high above a Rocky Mountain mornin'
G Am Em CI've watched a rainbow settlin' down into a sunset over the ocean
G Am Em CI've seen every color imaginable, A thousand different shades of wonderful
Am G C Am The brightest stars, The bluest skies that a man could hope to see
Em C D GBut nothin' more beautiful than Kansas City Green
______________________________________________________________ **Verse 2**
Am EmIt's like she was created by my own imagination
Am G CLike a photograph of all my fantasies
Am Em G CNothing less than incredible, So much more than unbelievable
Am G CKind of perfect only found inside a dream
_______________________________________________________________ **Pre-Chorus**
Am7 EmI've seen whitecaps slap the shoreline, Spillin' over hot summer sand
Am G C DShe took my breath away in a way that even California can't
_______________________________________________________________ **Repeat Chorus 2x**
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