Misc Unsigned Bands - Next September - Cover Me In Gasoline chords

Cover My Body In Gasoline(Acoustic)
Written By Darren Brown
Standed Tuning
Next September

CHORDS USED IN THIS SONG Dm C G D Ame|-0---0---3---3---0--|B|-2---1---0---2---1--|G|-2---0---0---3---2--|D|-0---2---0---0---2--|A|-0---3---2---0---0--|E|-0---x---3---x---x--|
Intro Dm C G D X2 I want to believe, That you threw away the key.
Dm CCover my body in gasaline, and light it up like its Christmas eve
G DI want to burn!, I want breathe
Dm CI want to be six feet under at my favoite cemertary
G DBridge
But we don't always get what we want, Though we have got all our need.
Dm CI want to cut our wrist just to see the obbsession we breed
G DChorus
DmYou know, Were blind!
C GFrom reading between your lies.
DmTonight decide
C GIf your left behind
C,Am,Dm,G X4 We all walk alone...... tonight!
Dm C G DWe share our thoughts and...... hide!
Dm C G DBridge
Ohhhhh ohhh ohhhhhhhh ohh Burn our pride (Back to last september you left me alone)Screamed
C Am Dm Ggoodbyeeeeeee eeee eee fuck the lies
(For whats is worth there was nobody home)Screamed C Am Dm G Chorus Bridge Beeee hindddd ohhhhhh
C Am Dm GOhhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh
C Am Dm GBridge
C,Am,Dm,G X4Chorus
C,Am,Dm,G X4 End On C
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