Misc Unsigned Bands - Kata Hay - Top Down chords

This is a song Kata wrote that's really awesome!

DYou'll never know the way that I love you
AYou'll never know what I go through
Cadd9When its three a.m. and I'm up again
G'Cause I can't stop thinking of you
DOh its crazy complicated
AThere's no way it ever would work
Cadd9Still I can't help from thinking how things would be
GIf you weren't still in love with her
DWe'd go driving down the road with the top down
ALeave everyone we know in this small town
CIn the Mustang baby, make a get away
GKeep a lead foot on it 'til we run outta day
DI'll be danglin' my feet out of the window, window
AYou're singing every song on the radio
Cadd9 Em GEverything's just how it should be
But its only fantasy
DYour smile it devastates me
AYea you kill me all the time
Cadd9Still I can't let it show how I'm feeling you know
GWhen she's still the only thing on your mind
DIt's obvious the way that you feel everytime
AShe walks into the room
Cadd9I can't even fathom how it'd feel to have a man
GGive me the look I see her get from you
Bm A GIt's impossible not to see
Em C AHow beautiful it could really be
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