Misc Unsigned Bands - The Crazy Boyz - Jm chords

band:The Crazy Boyz
album:with the crazy boyz(2009)
words and music: roy/remy

intro: C|C aug|Cm|G maj

C two lines ae parrallel
C aug Cm G majthey call the queen of the world
C C aug Cm G majJM is that perfect and beutifull girl
Am G she is cool and really nice
Ama person who gives advice
C G and if you know she's in my jam
C |C aug|Cm|G majgo jm!
C C aug Cm G majone little crazy boy saw her first day of school
C C aug Cm G majand he thought man jm she is so cool
Am G talk about love at first sight
Amand for her i'd win a fight
C Gbut now she's in my jam
Cname is jm
C7 D7use your face and make a smile
A7 G7 and let that smile just last a while
C|C aug|Cm|G maj x2 chords:
C aug:e0
b1 g1 d2 ax ex G maj: e3 b3 g4 d5 ax ex i'm sure you know the rest ---remy.m
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