Misc Unsigned Bands - Seanimal And Blakerz - 1337 Sauce Acoustic chords

CAPO ON 2. (Sounds okay without one as well.)


For all of you who don't know GM, it's just like a C, but up two frets.


AmListen up faggots,
Em Gthis song's about my dick. (My big fat dick)
Am EmI put it in her pussy and I,
GI lick the clit. (I'm licking the clit)
Am EmI never use a condom I control my shit,
GAnd then I bust in her face and all
GMover her tits. (Over her tits)
Am EmWhen I'm done she said let's cuddle and I said FUCK THAT,
G I gotta hop on my Mage and fucking
GMchill in shaaatt. (Chill in shatt)
Am EmAnd then she gets up, starts lickin' on my bawls
G GMI said STOP BITCH, World of Warcraft calls. (Warcraft calls)
Am EmI got a full group for Kara and this shit takes time,
G GMI'm gonna do some mad deepz and fuckin' loot what's mine. (Loot what's mine)
Am EmWTF, this tank is teh geh,
G GMhe ninja looted my shit and now it's time to pay. (Time to pay)
Am EmSo I leave teh group, and aggro these mobs,
G GMteach these motherfucking faggots how to do their jobs. (Do their jobs)
GM til end Do your fucking job faggots, you faggot noob motherfuckers. Fucking Alliance faggots. I hate you.
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