Misc Unsigned Bands - Adam Haugh - Emily tab

Emily by Adam Haugh
Standard tuning
Available on youtube soon enough

INTRO: e|----0------3---| B|---2-2----2-2--| G|--0---0--0---0-| D|---------------| A|-3------3------| E|---------------| x2
(verse 1) C i saw you sittin Am across the room with your F gorgeous eyes i knew you G were my prize C so i made my way over to Am say good day when i F reached your place i saw your G pretty face (chorus 1) C could this be Am love at first sight F i do G hope so C or is this Am a waste of my time F please dont G say no (verse 2) C then you smiled at me Am asked me for company F so i sat with you and your friends G stayed til the partys end C hit it off straight away Am Think of you everyday F wonder if you think of me G and our time at the party (chorus 2) C now youve left me Am emily F im sad G lonely C im on my knees Am cant you see F im broken G poorly C could this be Am love at first sight F i do G hope so THE END (picking pattern)
C Ame|----0------3---| e|----0-----0---|B|---2-2----2-2--| B|---1-1---1-1--|G|--0---0--0---0-| G|--2---2-2---2-|D|---------------| D|--------------|A|-3------3------| A|-0-----0------|E|---------------| E|--------------|
F G e|----1-----1---| e|----3-----3---|B|---1-1---1-1--| B|---0-0---0-0--|G|--2---2-2---2-| G|--0---0-0---0-|D|--------------| D|--------------|A|--------------| A|--------------|E|-1-----1------| E|-3-----3------|
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