Misc Unsigned Bands - Austin Bellar - Concrete Anyone tab

*Hey this is my song, I'm not quite sure why I'm posting it, I'm just kinda bored I 

     A              Dmaj9/F#
Does anyone care to lend me some concrete?
    A                      Dsus2
The hole in my chest needs filled
       A                             Dmaj9/F#
Cos it seems that Iíve run out, Iíve run out of options
    A                         Dsus2
And timeís all thatís left to kill
    A     Dmaj9/F#
But itís okay
A      Dmaj9/F#
Itís alright
   A                         Dmaj9/F#
As long as Iím here among my cynical friends
      A                   Dsus2
I can make it through the night

Now is the time but Iím lookiní around
And I canít find the place
Now Iím growing numb and I feel kind of dumb
As I try to remember the taste
But itís okay
Itís alright
Just keep my head down so that I donít get picked
And I can make it through my life


You are the rhyme and I am the reason
So letís make music together
Weíll sing a song I wrote, a real long time ago
And hide here from the weather
And itís okay
Itís alright
Weíll take our time so we can try
To make all the small things right
Weíre singiní itís okay
Itís alright
Just stay here beside me and give me some company
And Iíll be just fine

(repeat first verse, softly)

*Kay heres the strumming pattern, the chords and the solo, in that order*

  A        D-whatever
  ddudduddudduddudududdududdu and repeat. over and over and over (ect.)

  A  Dsus2  Dmaj9/F#
e 0    0       0
B 2    2       3
G 2    2       2
D 2    0       0
A 0    X       2
E X    2       X
*Please comment if you actually look at this, also if theres anything you think would better after playing it tell me cos its still a work in progress*
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