Misc Unsigned Bands - Bruno - Dove Of Peace chords

A Em 

F#mI've written a song
A EThat I hope is gonna bring the world together… (Together…together…together)
F#m APut down your guns and bombs
EAnd just make love forever (Okay then)
F#m AHe's come to heal the world
EAnd make all nations calmer
F#m AI am the Austrian Jesus
E F#m G# AHe is the white Obama (He's the white Obama)
A EWar's just based on hate and fear
F#mStop fighting North and South Korea
DYou're both basically Chinese
A He's Bruno, dove of peace
Hey yo Bruno, where the bitches at?
Em AYou are Bruno, dove of peace
You're a fashion model, you got the chic comb?
Em AYou are Bruno, dove of peace
No I love black guys, I'm a chocoholic
Em AHe is Bruno, dove of peace
Bruno wants peace
Em And you gonna have peace
Or we gonna have mother-fucking war
F#m AI have a dream for the Third World
EClean water, food, and teaching
F#m AIn every village and every town
E D# F A#A place for anal bleaching
A# FWe need to rid the world of hunger
GmI’m like Bono except much younger
D#He’s only nineteen
A# FmIch bin Bruno, dove of peace
Hey, hey,
A#he gay, he gay
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