Misc Unsigned Bands - Rachel Piette - Monster Let Go chords

Tabbed by Rachel Piette:)


Intro: C G Em Am

Verse 1:

CStop, I never knew you
C EmStop, I don't want to see your face again
F GNo, don't pretend
C EmStop. I'm finally complete
F GI just need room to breathe, breathe
Am GAll these years you were stuck in my shadow
Em Am FLittle did I know you were, you were
Chorus 1:
C GA monster, living in the past
C F GA monster, now I know, at long last
Cadd9What you did when you were young
EmWhy it is I can't move on
Am F GAnd how you knew that it was wrong
C-F-G Well, monster, I'm finally letting you go
Interlude: C G Em F Verse 2:
C CAt last, your lock's been blown away
Em F GI finally see the skeletons you tried to keep from me, from me
C CAnd now, as flashbacks fill my mind
Em F GI understand why I was so, so blind, so blind
Pre-Chorus Chorus 1 Interlude: C G Em Am Bridge:
F GMy head is free, I'm finally seeing clearer
F GI see your face, see your face getting nearer
FI'll tell you now before I go
GBefore my temper finally blows
C GGo, go away. Now and forever
C GAway, away. And if I ever
C G See you again, well I promise
C GThat it will be your end, your end
Pre-Chorus Chorus 2: C (let ring) A monster, living in the past G (let ring) I'm finally moving forward Today will be the last time
CI'm letting you go, letting you go
FLetting you go, letting you go
GLetting you go, letting you go
C-G-FLet go-o-o
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