Misc Unsigned Bands - Steven Coconut Treez - Welcome To My Paradise chords

D F#m Em A  

D F#m Come and take a look out through my eyes
Em A And you decide why people act this way
D F#m People thieving, fighting, telling lies
Em A They criticize and hate each other
D F#m Nature colors all have changes some how
Em A The seas are brown the skies are thick and grey
D F#m All of these things make me feel so down
Em A And think about finding my own place
G A place where we can toast and drink
D A place where we can share and some weed
G A place where there’s no bullshit and...
A every body can come
D F#m Welcome to my paradise
Em A Where this sky so blue Where the sunshine so bright
D F#m Welcome to my paradise
Em A Where you can be free Where the party never ending
Musik : D A D A D F#m Em A 2x D A D A
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