Misc Unsigned Bands - Chris White Band - D Medley chords

D Medley
Chris White Band

Transcribed by Ethan Caswell

Intro-  Dsus2

Dsus2 BmHungry, I come to you
A GFor I know you satisfy
Dsus2 BmI am empty, but I know
A GYour love does not run dry
A GSo I wait, for You
A GAnd Iíll wait for you
Dsus2 GIím falling on my knees
Dsus2 GOffering all of me
F#/D G D GJesus your all this heart is living for (repeat)
DI need you Jesus
ACome to my rescue
Em GLord, where else could I go
D There is no other name
ABy which I am saved
Em GCome and capture me with Your grace (repeat)
Bm A GI will follow You
Bm A GI will follow You
Bm A G Bm G ALord, I will follow You
Em G AHere am I, all of me
Em G ATake my life, itís all for Thee (x4)
Dsus2 GAll I want is You
Dsus2 GAll I need is You
Dsus2 GAll my life is You
Dsus2 GEverythingís for You (x2)
Dsus2 GEverythingís for You (x2)
Outro- F#/D G
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