Misc Unsigned Bands - 2ne1 - I Dont Care tab

hi ,. first tab ,. :) ,. please bbeerr w/ me ,. :)
by the way ,. im Jess ,. :) ,. hi sa mga Dominican High School Manila students  ,. :)
lalo na sa St. Pius V ,. =D ,. tska sa MiMAW CoMMUNITY :) ,.

Intro: D A Bm Gl----2-------0--------2---------3-----|l---3-3-3---2-2-2------3---------3--3-|l--2---2---2---2----4----3---0--------|l-0-------2--------4-4--4---0-0---0---| (repeat until the oh oh oh oh part :)l-------------------------------------|l-------------------------------------|
hey playboy its about time and your time's up I had to do this one for my girls you know sometimes you gotta act like you don't care that's the only way you boys learn D A Bm G oh~ oh oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah x2 VERSE: D A i still remember that lipstick color Bm G on the collar of that long-sleeve shirt D you always played it off it's nothing A yet your phone keeps on ringing Bm G keeps saying that it's all in my head oh oh D A and to all your girlfriends who you be calling up to Bm G behind my back forgetting my name, i won't let it fly D from now you do what you want, A but stop playing with my heart Bm G i'll stop giving a damn where you are oh D A Bm can't forget those times you'd call late at night G and your dead drunk intoxticated D A Bm G then you would call me by some other girls name no no CHORUS: D A i don't care just go your way Bm G i don't care where you are or what you're doing any more, D A go do your thing, go play your games Bm G but don't come running back telling me you miss me D A cuz i won't care eh eh eh eh eh Bm G i don't care eh eh eh eh eh D A cuz i don't care eh eh eh eh eh Bm G i don't care eh eh eh eh eh [ CHORDS ARE REPEATED ALL OVER THE SONG ] [ I ALSO TABBED THE POWER CHORDS BUT I DONT KNOW IF I COULD PUT IT HIR ] MESSAGES: Inspired aq kya ko ngwa yn ee. =D ,. tnx ngah plah kay chou-choung mimaw :) ,. hahaha ,. lng :) ,. anyway :) sariling kapa yn ,. ilang oras ko pinakingan ng paulit ulit ung ,. hehe .. hi ngah plah kela: 1. 27 2. Paolo Abutal 3. Aica Manuel 4. All the Dominican Manila Students [ and kay HB.. ] :]
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