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Ramble - Johnny

Standard Tuning. Lots of percussions on the strings.

|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------------||-----------------|-----------------|-------------------------||7-5--------------|-2~--------------|-------------------------||----7-5----------|-2~------------2-|--x2-2-----2-x2-2-----2--||--------7-6-5-3--|-0~------------0-|--x0-0-3p0-0-x0-0-3p0-0--||-----------------|-----------------|-------------------------| -Drum Fill- (main riff)
Main Riff (A) Well I saw Johnny just the other day Main Riff (A) I said Johnny what do you have to say Main Riff (A) Johnny said I ain't goin nowhere- Christ! Main Riff (A) But Johnny where are you headed son? Main Riff (A) Johnny said I can't take back what I've done Main Riff (A) The size and the weight, the weight and the scale! Main Riff (A) Dear God my friend I'm off to jail! End on A Chord
Rest 8 beats. G D A|------------------|--3--2--0-----||------------------|--3--3--2-----||------------------|--0--2--2-----||------------------|--0--0--2-----||--7-7-9-7-9-------|--x-----0-----||--5-5-5-5-5-------|--3-----------|Bridge Riff (Repeat) End-of-bridge chord pattern
On end of Drum Fill return to verse with guitar fills instead of lyrics. Then after both guitars play riff, rest for 4 beats, play main riff again. Main Riff (A) If you see Johnny tell him what you've heard Main Riff (A) What it's like to finish the race in third Main Riff (A) To be a Rocker- washed up out on the street Main Riff (A) To be a Loner- without shoes to his feet Main Riff (A) Tell'im it'll be over fast, be over soon Main Riff (A) Tell'im God forgives him for murdering that buffoon Main Riff (A) Tell'im Johnny you were my only friend Main Riff (A) Tell'im Johnny I think we're the same in the end! End song on AC/DC build up with three stage jumps, another build up, and then a final jump to finish song. -David Flickinger, of Ramble. Copyrighted by the fairuse whatever mumbojumbo. Don't steal our awful songs.
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