Misc Unsigned Bands - The Darling Buds - Heartbreaker chords

Alright, it's me back again for some more musical in-out. This time what went in my ear
a demo called "Heartbreaker" by the unsigned london indie outfit "The Darling Buds". Not
be confused by the 80's band, this one is fronted semi famous actor Jamie Bowers, of
sweeney todd and i guess twilight and harry potter fame. Regardless, this song
venice are quite decent, but the other songs theyve put out to date are crap (mostly
music and a busy filming schedule is probably why they still arent signed). 
been unable to locate this song since it was removed from myspace, nor do i have lyrics, 
what i do have is a wild idea at what they are, and a demented sense of humor
who knows what'll happen. Bon A Petit


D GThere's a killer knocking at my front door
D GI don't know if i should have let him in
D G Em GThere's a sense of impending doom crashing down on me
D GWalk through the valley of a thousand ghosts
D GLift my head up to God, said please don't do this
D G Em GThere's a sense of impending doom crashing down on me
A G(high G singers)I want to sell your dog to a chinese resteraunt
D A Em GIf I stay tonight would it change my mind
Chorus pt.I: play 2x's/ refrain
D AYou...were never who you wanted to be
EmNever what I needed for me and you know
GYou like chinese (don't deny it)
Chorus pt. II: play x's 2 also (refrain couplet)
D AOh, gold digger oh heart breaker,
Em Gyou said that this was over
after refrain play the song once more from the intro its the same chordwise and lyrically, well minus the dog reference. 9
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