Misc Unsigned Bands - Ok - Stiff Upper Lip chords

Stiff Upper Lip – by OK

Not sure if this is entirely correct, but after watching performances and listening for 
few hours this is what I came up with.

the D/E and E/F chords are as follows:


Intro (with whistling) A | C#m | F#m | D (X2) Verse
A C#mYou can turn back now
F#mAnd let you down
DWhat would you say if I
A C#m F#mTold a lie, Made you cry?
DWhat would you say?
A C#m F#mPlease keep a Stiff Upper Lip my friend
D ASwallow your pride
D AKeep it inside
A C#m F#mAnd keep a Stiff Upper Lip my friend
D ADon’t let it show
D ANo one wants to know
D D/E ENo one wants to know my friend
E/F F#mDrove me round the bend
D AAnd I can’t pretend
A ETo keep a Stiff Upper Lip
AMy friend
Instrumental/whistling A | C#m | F#m | D (X2) Verse 2
A C#m F#mWhen people say “Don’t be scared”
DWhat do they know?
A C#mHow can you feel
F#mHow you want to feel?
DJust like so:
Chorus Outro (with whistling)[not sure if this is actually here :P] A | C#m | F#m | D (X2) Finish on A
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