Misc Unsigned Bands - Air - Ephemera tab

I heard this song off a Mary Kate & Ashley movie 5 years ago - The Challenge, and a
years later I wanted to learn how to play it and i couldn't find it anywhere!! So then I
got to the point where I just have to figure it out myself, and i did :) I'm sure 
another guitar in this, and piano, but I only figured out one of the guitar's part.
I'm 100% sure on the verses, not so much on the chorus, but it sounds pretty good. If
know how the chorus goes please email me -
This is my first tab ever, so be nice! Please ratee :)



Then repeat! For the chorus, I just finger pick these chords: F Am like a secret kept forever F Am you are dying for some air F take a deep breath Am F cause you'll never think of him G when i'm near Then go back to the finger picking from the verses! :]
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