Misc Unsigned Bands - The Shangri-las - He Cried chords

He Cried:The Shangri-las.
#65 in 1966.
           (Capo 1st fret.)

INTRO:(Spoken, ad lib.)
G D A DI met him at the place we always meet.
G D A DHe put his arms around me, he smiled.
D CAnd when I told him, I didn't love him anymore,
Dhe cried.
D CAnd when I told him, his kisses were not like before,
Dhe cried.
Bb CI knew that our romance, was over and done.
Bb ABut for him, it had just begun.
D CAnd when I told him, another boy had caught my eye,
Dhe cried.
D CAnd when I kissed him, a kiss that only meant goodbye,
D C D C D he cried. (He cried.)((He cried.)(He cried.)
C D C A C D(He cried.)(He cried.)(He cried.)
DThen I told him.
C D(He cried.)
D C DThen I kissed him goodbye.
C D(He cried.)
DBack off, baby.
C D(He cried.)
D C DOh, Lord, what have I done?
C D(He cried.)(Fade.)
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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