Misc Unsigned Bands - Gregory Alan Isakov - The Stable Song chords

This is my first so if its messy I apologize.

Here's the gist:
C C C f7C C g Am x2 for the verse x2 in between verses and chorus
f7 C f7 AmC G F7 Am x 2 for the chorus
Em Am C f7 C f7 x2 for the other partListen to the song for the hammer ons
Capo on the 2nd fret or where ever you feel comfortable singing Verse 1:
C C C f7Remember when our songs were just like prayer.
C C G AmLike gospel hymns that you call in the air.
C C C f7Come down, come down, sweet reverent
C C G AmUntil my simple heart sound ring.
C C C f7 C C G AmAnd ring.
f7 C f7 Am Ring like silver, ring like gold.
C G f7 Am Ring out those ghosts on the Ohio.
f7 C f7 Am Ring like clear day wedding bells,
C G f7 AmIn the belly of the beast or the sword that fell.
C C C f7 C C G AmI'll never tell.
Em AmThey come to me, clear and cold.
C C C f7 C C G AmSome say
Em AmThe Wives of Earl, spinning weaves
C C C f7 C C G AmAt that machine.
Verse 2: I've gone crazy, couldn't you tell. I threw stones at the stars but the whole sky fell. Now I'm covered up in straw belly, up on a table. And I drank and sang and passed in the stable. Mm-hmm... C C C f7 C C G Am Em Am C f7 C f7 x2 Verse 3: That tall grass grows high and brown. Well I drank you straight in the muddy ground. And you sent me back to where I roam. Well I cursed and I cried but now I know. Oh, now I know... Verse 4: And I ran back to that hollow again, The moon was just a sliver back then, And I ached for my heart like some tin man. When it came, oh, it beat, and it boiled, and it rang. Oh it's ringing. Chorus: Ring like crazy, ring like hell. Turn me back into that wild-haired gale. Ring like silver, ring like gold. Turn these diamonds straight back into gold. Turn these diamonds straight back into gold. It's as right as I could get it without the other instruments or Gregory sitting there with me. http://www.gregoryalanisakov.com/
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