Misc Unsigned Bands - Muppet Fetish - Shooting Gallery chords

E G E G E G A G (X2)

C F F# GFirst comes the ducks, and then the balloons.
C F F# GThen come the balls, yeah, they're coming too soon.
C F F# GThen come the part that's really a fight.
C F F# GCome on Jerry, shoot down the spaceships tonight.
E GThe force field protects the spaceships(X3)
A GSo you cannot shoot them down
C F F# GLittle gray ships with little blue force fields,
C F F# GYou gotta wait for them to lower their shields
C F F# GYou'd think it'd be easy to accomplish this feat,
C F F# GBut those fuckers are the hardest to beat
Because the... CHORUS BRIDGE: D D A D D D E D A D D A D D D E B E D# D D E A A A A A A CHORUS End on E
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