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Rest My Head - Laugh Out Loud

Great little indie duo from Huntsville ON - got to meet them when they opened for 
Hawksley Workman two summers ago

Rest My Head

Standard Tuning - No Capo


A B E A x2 (with whoas and dadadas)

Verses - A B E A

My one and only love my greatest part
Her heart lay still one day and it didn't start
I had my own Pet horse and I gave it to the land
It had a broken leg now it's trees and sand

I rode my bike to town one rainy day
Pedalled like a child and the chain rusted away
And then my front tire well it hit a rock
I flew through the air and I didn't stop

Chorus - D E A F#M

I've been waiting for something to fall from the sky
Yeah just one speck of light off the sun
Enough to fill my eye

EWhoaaa so I can rest my head
Intro x2 Bridge - E Whoa.. Whoa... Whoa.... WHOAAAA... Verse Three I died the week of February the nineteenth A fatal planecrash and two bad frostbitten feet They found me swimming in the bottom of the sea A school of angry fish were playing tug of war with me Chorus Intro x 8 Chorus
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