Misc Unsigned Bands - Rad - Pollitically Innacurate tab

Hey this is my first tab but it's of my own song, so it's impossible for the tab to be wrong.

I have a little garage band in So Cal and I'm only thirteen. If you like this tab, tell 
Family, friends, anyone.

Our bands called R.A.D (not meaning anything) and this song is Pollitically Innacurate

Thanks for chosing my tab, I hope you like it!

Here it goes

*=natural harmonics/=slide up neck\=slide down neckx=scratch--------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|--*5-*7---7----------2xx2xx2x---------------|--*5-*7---7----------2xx2xx2x---------------|------------5--------0xx0xx0x---------------|----------------7\3-------------------------|(repeat this 3 more times)
----------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|------22222------55555------77777--9x99999----------------------|--2x--22222--2x--55555--2x--77777--9x99999----------------------|--2x--00000--2x--33333--2x--55555--7x77777----------------------|--0x---------0x---------0x--------------------------------------|(play this one more time then go back to the beggining and finish)
Thanks anyone who learned this I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you, Nick Beeson
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