Misc Unsigned Bands - Wiretree - Big Coat chords

Intro:Fm A D E x2

FmHide in a place you know that no one ever goes
AKeep in a sack in which it always stays closed
DI need a knack for keeping out of trouble
EYou know how it can go
FmI don't know what I'm like but everybody says
AYou're not the kind that gets out of your head
DI keep talking all these crazy clumsy words
EAnd i know that I've been heard
FmEverybody's talking about the situation
AYou know they all have a lot to learn
DAlways digging up some information
EYou get what you deserve
FmNow i have some shoes and a big coat
AHave a car and a nice girl too
DDrive around and get my blood flowin
EKeepin it in for a later tune
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