Misc Unsigned Bands - Daniel Bradshaw - Your My World chords

Verse 1:
GRight now
CMy life couldnt be better
GCause I love how
CYou made my dreams come true
GRight now
CI need to let you know
GI would do anything to be with you
CI never wanna let you go
DCause i want you to be my girl
EI gotta let you know
DI want you to be my world
E GToday, tommorow, and evermore
C EmAnd i love the way you feel about me girl
C Emand i love the way i know
C Dthe way you feel about me, I'll never let you go
Cadd9Cause baby, your my world
G C G C G C D D Verse 2:
GRight now
CI cant stop my smile
Gand right now
CI could run an endless amount of miles
GRight now
Cyou just made my day
Gand to be honest
Ci wouldnt have it any other way
Bridge Chorus G C G C G C D C G
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