Misc Unsigned Bands – Amanda Seyfried - Little House chords

Hey Everyone,
This is my very first tab, so I'd love some feedback :)

Capo on the 2nd fret.

Intro:  G  Em  C  D  


G EmI love this place
C DBut it's haunted without you
G EmMy tired heart
C DIs beating so slow
G EmOur hearts sing less
CThan we wanted
DWe wanted
G EmOur hearts sing 'cause
CWe do not know
Dwe do not know
Am DTo light the night
EmTo help us grow
CTo help us grow
Am DIt is not said
Em AmI always know
G EmYou can catch me
CDon't you run
DDon't you run
G EmIf you live another day
C DIn this happy little house
The fire's here to stay Chorus: To light the night To help us grow To help us grow It is not said I always know Verse: Please don't make a fuss It won't go away The wonder of it all The wonder that I made I am here to stay I am here to stay Stay
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