Misc Unsigned Bands - Streetlight Cameo - Build Me Down tab

Standard tuning

VerseE-----------------------------------------eB-----------------------------------------bG-------------------------0-0-------------g RepeatD-9-99999-9-7-77777-7-5-55555-5-7-77777-7-dA-7-77777-7-9-99999-9-7-77777-7-5-55555-5-aE-0-00000-0-0-00000-0-0-00000-0-0-00000-0-e
Listen to the song to get the loose vibe Chorus
E---------------------------------eB---------------------------------bG--------4------------------------g RepeatD-2-2222-4-5-5555-55/777-7/5-55---dA-2-2222-2-5-5555-55/777-7/5-55---aE-0-0000---3-3333-33/555-5/3-33-0-e
Listen to the song to get the exact timing "Build Me Down" can be heard at: myspace.com/streetlightcameo
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