Misc Unsigned Bands - D Sigman - Even Though chords

D C Even though your face is painted
G Deven though your hair does shine
D CYour love for Jesus is eternal
G Dand will stay with Him divine
C DRemember what He's done for you
C DRemember where you've been
C DDo you know where you're going to
C DAre you running to Him?
D CEven though your voice sings sweetly
G Deven though those threads you wear
D CGod is faithful and His blessings
G Dand he knows your heart is there
D CEven though your words defiant
G Deven though your smile so bright
D CHe is sovereign in His judgment
G Dand in darkness shines His light
D CEven though your mind may wander
G D even though you stay away
D CHe will keep you in His spirit
G Dand I know in Him you will stay
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