Misc Unsigned Bands - Shannon Moore - Wwe Theme tab

This is the theme song written by the Prince of Punk himself, Shannon Moore

INTRO:(Play throughout verse& Prechorus)e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----------------------------| x2D|----2-3---2-3----2-3----2-3-|A|-0-0---------3-3------------|E|-------1-1-----------3-3----|
e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----------------------------| x4D|----2-3---2-3----2-3----2-3-|A|-0-0---------3-3------------|E|-------1-1-----------3-3----| I met a girl, she liked to party She messed me up, her name was foreign She liked to dance, she wasnt boring I was naive and i wasnt horrid..
(PreChorus) A5 F5 C5 G5 x2 A5 F5 C5 G5 I turned my back just for a moment A5 F5 C5 G5 Then she was gone, she left a poem A5 F5 C5 G5 All it said was something dirty A5 F5 C5 G5 I didnt know that she could hurt me so.. (quicken pace) A5 F5 C5 G5 A5 F5 C5 G5 Hurt me so! (Chorus) F C G A G And I'd do anything, anything F C G A G And i'd say anything, anything F C G A G and i'd be your everything, everything F C G Just to have you back, one more time again F (no chords) I'd do anything just follow that guide, and you got the song basically down. GO SHANNON!
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