Misc Unsigned Bands - The Grizzly Mullets - Dont Fall In Love With Dragons chords


Words & Music by John McClane & Arlo Steve Gomez Richard O'Brien Rance Bob Dillon

Don't Fall In Love With Dragons

Intro - Bb  |  F  

Bb F You were in your prime
Bb F Just biding your time
Am When a dragon stole your soul
F G But you will never know how he stole you heart
G F 3 years went by then you
G you started to cry when you realised
F that he was gunna burn you alive
Am G now all the tears lost in the sand
Am G F all thats left now is your right hand cos he ate the rest
G well bad luck, you're dead!
Bb F dont fall in love with dragons!
Bb F you'll meet a fiery end
G# F dont fall in love with dragons
Am F why not be just friends?
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