Misc Unsigned Bands - The Burning Hell - Dancer-romancer chords


Intro - G

G DFrom the smallest ant to the tallest tree
CEverything has something in common with me
GThe baby ant starts as a gleam in the daddy ant's eyes
DAnd all the ants they are going to die
GDie die die
The Tall tree only got tall by chance Successfully competing with the other plants Taking little plants' water and little plants light Avoiding the forest fires the beetles and the chainsaw bites Bi-i-ite CHORUS
C D G CWe're all line dancing in a furnace of sex and misfortune
GFires are scorching
C DBut if we keep dancing we will survive
C D G CWe're all romancing just as much as is romantically possible
G CAs much as it costs it will all be worth it
D GAt the end of the night, when we're still alive
Look at the little baby with his little baby hands and eyesLooking at the work with little baby surpriseLooking like a little baby you and meYet another little miracle, genetic hopefullyb-b-baby
And when the little baby plays in his little baby box of sand He'll crush the little ants with his little hands Will a lightning storm bring the tall tree crashing down On the little sandbox and when it does will there be a sound? If there's no one around REPEAT CHORUS
D C GKeep dancing dancers and keep romancing romancers
GI told you before
C GIn a different song it's all you can do
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